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  • Cultivate

    Promise-keeping, truthfulness, hospitality, and gratitude have often been understood as duties or obligations, things we ought to do. They are much more than duties, however; they make living in community possible, as well as good, sometimes even beautiful.

  • Art Sunday April 14 – Celebrate Art & Faith

    This Art Sunday we look forward to meeting our guest writer Ben Chenoweth. We will enjoy a reading from this amazing book The Ephesus Scroll. Ben will also be giving some excellent tips on writing and publishing. So come along and bring any friends interested in the art of writing.

  • Worship Prayer Stations Psalm 63:1-8

    A song from the Desert For the children: The kids make a garden oasis in the desert. Give them crayons and big long piece of paper to work on. Station 1 Sand. Rocks. Jars of water. Image of desert. You are my God. I worship you. In my heart, I long for you, as I…

  • eh Easter Services

    Join us for two special services over Easter.

  • Lent – Easter 2013

    Join us as we follow the traditional Liturgical calendar with churches around the world. Our first Sunday begins with a special Ash Meditation service. 10:15am Sundays 17 Feb – March 31

  • Wattle Communion

    Wattle Communion Set-up – Wattle branches laid on the table with baskests of juice and damper made with sprinkles of acacia seed throughout. (Available at Kuranga Nursery) Wattle Communion It is our time of worship now and we will share in our wattle communion story. In our praise and thanksgiving we remember the ways of…

  • Winter

    Check out our events page for opportunities to relax and connect for all ages.

  • Fair Trade

  • Summer Meditations

    Sundays in Summer. 10:30am. Restful, simple, refreshing.

  • Candy Cane Prayer Activity

    Bring: Print out of psalm 25:4-7 on square pieces of paper with stripe edge. For instructions see The origin of the candy cane to decorate our Christmas trees goes back about 350 years to 1670, when the choir leader at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, bent sugar-sticks into canes to represent a shepherd’s staff.…