Sundays April 21 – May 12
10:15am at CCC 17-19 Surrey Rd West, Croydon.

Cultivating practices that sustain us.

The character of our shared life – as congregations, communities, and families – has the power to draw people to the kingdom or to push them away…
The beauty of loving communities does not replace the importance of the verbal proclamation of the gospel, but Jesus explicitly linked the truth of his life and message to our life together.
Over four weeks we will explore the themes of

  • Embracing Gratitude as a Way of Life
  • Making and Keeping Promises
  • Living Truthfully
  • Practicing Hospitality

Each of the practices we will be exploring is important to the biblical story and to the expectations about the ways in which the people of God should live. Each is also at the heart of God’s character and activity: we worship a God who is faithful and true, gracious and welcoming.

Promise-keeping, truthfulness, hospitality, and gratitude have often been understood as duties or obligations, things we ought to do. They are much more than duties, however; they make living in community possible, as well as good, sometimes even beautiful.

The quotes above and teaching in this series are based on the book ‘Living into Community’ Cultivating practices that sustain us. By Christine D. Pohl.
This is a book worth reading!