This season our Sunday services are designed for all ages to enjoy together. There is a special activity and opportunities for the kids to share each week.

Kids Music this Season

Here is a lovely mix of newer songs for the kids for the season.
It has a blend of scripture, silly but smart, upbeat and relaxing Christian songs.
Hope you enjoy!Apple playlist
Spotify Playlist

 Smaller Saints Playlist
1. We are All family – Hillsong Kids
2. Crazy noise – Hillsong Kids
3. John 3:16 – Worship Together Kids
4. Feels Good – Rend Collective Kids
5. Unlikely Heroes – Hillsong Kids
6. All Things Bright and Beautiful – Rain for Roots
7. Hallelujah – Psalm 148 – Rain for Roots
8. God made me – Andrew Peterson & Randall Goodgame
9. Oasis – Kalley
10. Fruit of the Spirit – Hillsong Kids
11. Tell Me – Rain for Roots
12. It all starts in my brain – Hillsong Kids
13. Trust in the Lord – Shout Praises Kids
14. My Lighthouse – New Irish Kids
15. Never have I ever (studio) – Hillsong Young and Free

Material from previous seasons of kids church:

steppingstonesstepping stone 1
stepping stones 2
stepping stone 3
stepping stone 4
Connecting with God in different ways –
The Lost Sheep series – thelostsheepseries
The Bible week 12 ‘Bible Adventure’ – The birth of Jesus The Bible wk 12
The Bible week 11 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Esther The Bible wk 11
The Bible week 10 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Daniel The Bible wk 10
The Bible week 9 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Elijah The Bible wk 9
The Bible week 8 ‘Bible Adventure’ – David – The Bible wk 8
The Bible week 7 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Samuel – The Bible wk 7
The Bible week 6 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Ruth and Naomi – The Bible wk 6
The Bible week 5 ‘Bible Adventure’ -Moses part 2 –The Bible wk 5
The Bible week 4 ‘Bible Adventure’ -Moses part 1 – The Bible wk 4
The Bible week 3 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Joseph – The Bible wk 3 – Joseph – Abram’s great grandson
The Bible week 2 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Abram and Sarai – The Bible wk2
Intro to the Bible ‘Bible Adventure’ –  thebible
Pentecost for kids: Pentecost for kids
Ascension for kids: Ascension for Kids
Fruit of the Spirit series: fruitofthespirit2017
Four week series on stories Jesus told / Parables: storiesjesustoldkids
Seven week Art based series on things Jesus said: jesussaid
Seven week series on kids of faith in the bible: kidbibleheroes
Three weeks on the Trinity: kidschurchtrinity
Communion for Juniors: Communion for kids
Ash Sunday/Repentance for kids: Ash for Kids – Sorry and Forgiveness
New School year/God goes with us: New school year – God goes with us

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