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  • The Lyrebird Call to Worship

    The traditional people of this land, the Kulin people, call this season in April – July ‘waring’ or wombat season. Temperatures are at their lowest. Rainy days follow misty mornings. Wombats emerge to bask and graze in the sunshine. The lyre birds perform their courtship dances. Their tail feathers stretching out and curling over. The […]

  • 'Taste and See' Meditation

    This meditation leads well into the communion meal. Set up: Platters of fruit, paper plates and markers for the kids. Our senses are such a gift to us. The way we experience the world and our creator God. A big part of worship for our ancestors was offering food to God, the best of what […]

  • A Call to Worship – Come on up to the House

    Thankyou for being here. We think of all the people around the world today, coming together, making their pilgrimage to church. Singing, searching, praying, sharing, remembering. I love this old song, ‘Come on up to the house.’ Whatever the original intention for this song my heart has always interpreted as a call to worship. A […]

  • A call to worship with the Currawongs – Reflection on the changing seasons

    Introduction We are beginning this series in a time where we can feel in the air and in our bones that we are in a new season. The traditional people of this land, the people of the Kulin (koolin) nations, call this season in September-October ‘Poorneet tadpole season.’ Temperatures are rising but the rain continues. […]