The Lyrebird Call to Worship

The traditional people of this land, the Kulin people, call this season in April – July ‘waring’ or wombat season. Temperatures are at their lowest. Rainy days follow misty mornings. Wombats emerge to bask and graze in the sunshine. The lyre birds perform their courtship dances. Their tail feathers stretching out and curling over.
The hearts of the soft tree-ferns were the major food source when no fruits were available. Days are short and through the long nights the constellation of Sagittarius rises in the south-east after sunset – indicating the midpoint of cold weather.
Today we gather together in the presence of our creator in awe and openness.
Have you seen a Lyre bird? Have you heard its call? Here it is.
I wonder what sounds we have heard this week? Like the Lyrebird, we each have heard many things – things that have been helpful, things that have been good, things that have been upsetting, things that make us wonder.
Each person come’s with a story today, like the lyrebird of its forest. Let’s welcome each other warmly, let’s listen to each other, let’s invite God’s spirit to speak truth to our stories. Let’s bless our creator together.