Communion Liturgy – Welcoming Hands

Materials: Brown paper spread over two trestle tables, communion meal in centre, markers and pastels. Image of Aboriginal hand painting.
When Jesus was preparing to die and prove his true power and authority, he looked at his friends who he loved so much and asked that we always remember him over a meal.
Jesus held out his hands and welcomed everyone to his table.
The young, the elders, the rich, the poor, the weak, the strong.
And he welcomes us and invites us to welcome all others.
So let us come to this meal of remembering now and take some bread and wine back to our seats where we will eat and drink together.
As we come to the table, let’s trace our hands on it – as a sign that we remember that Jesus was here on earth and that we share in Jesus’ life and Jesus’ welcome with all that came before us and all who come in the future.
Play Itunes tracks ‘I’m getting ready’ by Michael Kiwanuka. ‘This is the day’ by Thomas Newman. ‘What happens instead’ by Thomas Newman.  
Communion Meal
This bread now, reminds us of Jesus’ life.
His body that was here on earth and waits for us in heaven now.
Let us eat and remember.
This cup now, reminds us of Jesus’ love.
His love poured out for us, His love that fills us, His love that pours from us.
Let us drink to His love.
By Emma Morgan