• Walk the Wall 2015

    Walk the Wall for International China Concern Walk the Wall is a global movement to overcome abandonment in China. The annual walk-a-thon gives participants from around the world the ability to sign up, obtain sponsors and walk to raise money for the many children in China who are abandoned due to disability. Eastern Hills have […]

  • Communion Liturgy – Welcoming Hands

    Materials: Brown paper spread over two trestle tables, communion meal in centre, markers and pastels. Image of Aboriginal hand painting.   Introduction:¬† When Jesus was preparing to die and prove his true power and authority, he looked at his friends who he loved so much and asked that we always remember him over a meal. […]

  • #ehillschurch on Instagram

    Don’t forget to hashtag #ehillschurch for any eastern hills community church photos you post on Instagram. We look forward to seeing them! This photo was taken on Sunday. Love how a kid placed this rock on their toy pram. We made a circle of rocks around us, each representing a person/situation on our hearts. We […]