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  • Meditations on the Trinity

    Here three meditations from our Trinity Sunday service taken from the Lectionary readings. These can be used for personal devotions or set up as three stations in a group setting. We divided into groups and spent about ten minutes at each one.   Trinity – God the Father Setting: Places to sit, a vase of greenery, […]

  • Come Near to God Meditation – All Ages

    A meditation based on James 4 from our service this week.

  • A Prayer of Boulders and Pebbles

    I invite you to take a few deep breaths. Oh Lord, you remove the stones that burden. You see our rock hard fears, our needs, you see the closed doors, places of total darkness all around the world, disagreements, wars, the pains and prejudices we all face. Huge stones. The three women who visited that […]

  • Four Prayers from our Sunday Service this Week

    Opening Morning Prayer – Itunes track ‘Firmament’ by Nitin Sawhney Living God, present with us. We bring ourselves to you this morning to honour you – together with all our brothers and sisters around the world. Fill us with your life and love. I invite you to spend a moment, relaxing in the Spirits presence.. […]

  • Cloth Meditation Pieces of fabric to hold. Play itunes track Spiegel Im Spiegel – Mirror in the Mirror. Performed by Daniel Hope. Prayer Each take a piece of cloth. This will represent different things in our time of prayer and our reading. Hold it in your hands. Imagine this piece of cloth taking the shape […]

  • Holding out our Hands Meditation

    A meditation from our service this week.. We are going to spend some time in quiet communion with God. In this time we will rest in God. A communion which refreshes and restores. Open your right hand, consider for a moment something that you value about yourself this morning. Maybe this is something you are […]

  • Two prayers we shared under the Gums

    A Marriage Blessing Our prayer for your marriage bond finds inspiration from the majestic (gum) trees – the old folk of God’s kingdom. May your journey’s beginnings be anchored like those massive roots that have wound their way down through ancient layers of earth. spreading wide and deep, searching out nourishment. Weaving out their ordained […]

  • Two morning prayers to go with your cuppa

    These prayers are taken from past Sunday Services A Moment Before LORD unchanging.. eternal.. source of life Before my actions.. response.. decisions I come to you. May I listen. Please grant insight into my life this day. my situation.. fears.. confusion.. concerns.. hopes.. responsibilities. I remember you Lord. I will not forget You, Your place […]

  • Intercessory Meditation

    A prayer from our service this week celebrating the life of Rees Howells. Adapted for personal meditation. You may like to have a candle ready to light in your meditation space at home. Into your presence I come, Lord.  A few moments of quietness, closeness in a busy world. Such sanctuary.  I come to honour, […]

  • Yahweh Breath Prayer

    A meditation from our Moses series… nice for mornings.