Two morning prayers to go with your cuppa

These prayers are taken from past Sunday Services


A Moment Before


unchanging.. eternal.. source of life


my actions.. response.. decisions

I come to you. May I listen.

Please grant insight into my life this day.

my situation.. fears.. confusion.. concerns.. hopes.. responsibilities.

I remember you Lord.

I will not forget You, Your place in my life.

Let me follow Your Spirit into the right place, the right understanding, the right responses, the right relationships – in your creative power.



Close your eyes and relax your body.

Picture your past week as a cup, what has it held? What do you taste? What do you want to pour down the drain? what do you ask God to cleanse you of? What joys do you savour and give thanks for?

Hold your hand out as a cup and receive from God now. Invite him into your life, to fill you.

Lord let our prayers this morning be accepted as sweet-smelling incense in your presence. We offer up our prayers, our whole selves and our best affections. May your will be done here in this place and in every heart that calls on your name around the world this morning.