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  • Two Communion Meal Liturgies

    Saints Communion  We will begin the morning in sharing the communion meal. This is something followers of Jesus have done all throughout time and will do in the future until we all eat and drink together again with Jesus. It is a beautiful thing to think that we share this meal with all the saints, […]

  • A couple of communion meal liturgies

    Communion – Jesus on the Road Share a time of recognizing Jesus walking beside you. Show the story of when Jesus appeared to his friends along the road to Emmaus. They were very upset and confused because he had died and so they didn’t recognize him at first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmmTWQn95xQ Let us say together: The Lord […]

  • A Simple Passover Meal

    On the last week of our small group series groups are enjoying this simplified adaption of the ancient Passover feast.   Leader preparation: Familiarise yourself with the flow of the meal. Organise or delegate a meal consisting of roast lamb, salad, pita bread, tzatsiki, hummus, wine or sparkling grape juice, a small bowl of horseradish […]

  • Advent Week 1 – At Home

    Offer a meal to God this week. Be mindful and prayerful as you prepare it or purchase it for yourself or others. May it be a blessing to those close to your heart. May they know that Christ is near, Hope is near, Love is near with every mouthful. To read at home: 1 Corinth 1:1-9. […]