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  • Make an Easter Tree – Lent Week 7

    Decorate your easter tree with leaves. Paper leaves work well with the following activity: Explanation: Last Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the special entry Jesus made into Jerusalem on the back of a colt the week before his death and resurrection. The Bible tells us that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, […]

  • Make an Easter Tree – Lent Week 4

    Decorate around the base of your tree with cups. Mugs, egg cups, pretty ones, funny ones.. (That can be filled with goodies on Easter Sunday!) Explanation: Cups remind us of lots of things and have a special place in lots of stories, prayers and conversations in the bible. Today our cups remind us to share […]

  • Make an Easter Tree – Lent Week 3

    Week 3 – Decorate your tree with eggs. You can buy decorative ones to hang (spotlight), you can colour paper ones, or you can cut egg shapes out of old greeting cards and thread them with ribbon. Explanation:  Throughout history, eggs are special in Easter celebrations. The egg reminds us of new life and new […]

  • Make an Easter Tree – Lent Week 2

    Week 2 – Decorate your tree with white flowers – real or fake. We cut little circles out of a paper plate, cut frills around the edges and made a hole in the middle to hang them with. You could even thread white popcorn. Explanation: At church this week we made a black cross on […]

  • Make an Easter Tree – Lent Week 1

    Here is a great Lent project for your home that follows our Eastern Hills Sunday Lent journey.  It involves creating an Easter tree and decorating it with something different each week leading up to Easter. The decorations tell us something about Easter and relate to our Sunday meditations. Each Wednesday we will post the new […]