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  • Meditations on the Trinity

    Here three meditations from our Trinity Sunday service taken from the Lectionary readings. These can be used for personal devotions or set up as three stations in a group setting. We divided into groups and spent about ten minutes at each one.   Trinity – God the Father Setting: Places to sit, a vase of greenery, […]

  • Holy week – All-age meditation

    Holy Week – Walk This final week of Lent we walk alongside Jesus on his road to the cross. Our ‘Walk’ passage to spend time with is Isaiah 42:1-9. Kids might like to watch this clip of the Easter story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkNTU_Vv5Ew Isaiah 42:1-9 (NASB) God’s Promise concerning His Servant. 42 “Behold, My Servant, whom I [a]uphold; My chosen one in […]

  • Lent week 6 – All-age meditation

    Lent Week 5 – New This sixth week of Lent is one where we reflect on the new life that God brings into our hearts and bones. The readings for this week are moments in which God gives Ezekiel a picture of restoration for his people Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Jesus brings one of his best […]

  • Lent Week 3 – All-age meditation

    Lent Week 3 – Friendship This third week of Lent is one where we think about our relationship with God. The old testament reading for this week is about God calling the great elder Abram to leave his home country, and promises that he will be blessed and will be a blessing to others and […]

  • A Simple Passover Meal

    On the last week of our small group series groups are enjoying this simplified adaption of the ancient Passover feast.   Leader preparation: Familiarise yourself with the flow of the meal. Organise or delegate a meal consisting of roast lamb, salad, pita bread, tzatsiki, hummus, wine or sparkling grape juice, a small bowl of horseradish […]

  • A Devotion on Hospitality towards Jesus

    Here is a third study from our Lent Bible study series. It is to be enjoyed while sitting around a fire roasting some food or by a candle if that isn’t possible. We also had a piece of cinnamon bark for each person. Incase you have missed it you might enjoy this reflection for yourself. You […]