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  • Xmas Day Service

    Christmas Day Service A short and simple celebration for all ages. Story, song & laughter! Arrive 9:45am and enjoy punch and nibblies for 10am start. 17-19 Surrey Road West, Croydon.  

  • Christmas – January Sunday Services

    Christmas Day – Dec 25 – Here is Peace. 10am – 11am. A beautiful celebration for all ages! Reading: Luke 2:1-20 Christmas 1 – Dec 28 – Lights. 10:30am. Reading: Luke 2:22-40 Jan 4 –  No service Jan 11- Summer Reflections. 10:30am. Jan 18 – Summer Reflections. 10:30am. Jan 25 – byo Picnic Service 11am…

  • Advent 2014

    Advent Worship Theme – Santons  There is a traditional French custom in which santons ‘little saints’ from the local village are placed in a traditional Nativity scene. The little saints come wearing their work clothes to visit the Holy family. They bring the Christ child presents they have made or grown, hunted or sold. They perform…