Advent 2014

Advent Worship Theme – Santons 

There is a traditional French custom in which santons ‘little saints’ from the local village are placed in a traditional Nativity scene. The little saints come wearing their work clothes to visit the Holy family. They bring the Christ child presents they have made or grown, hunted or sold. They perform of offer simple gestures of thoughtfulness. The shepherds summon all the villagers.
The baker brings a special loaf marked with a cross baked only at Christmas time, the vegetable merchant, soap maker, cheese vendor, and wine grower bring their produce. The grandmother has knitted socks for baby Jesus and a woman brings soup for Mary’s recovery. A gypsy often despised as a thief brings her baby and a tamborine to sing to Jesus. The humble boy brings only a bundle of sticks for a fire to keep the baby warm. A poor old man, who thinks he has nothing to give the Baby, holds his lantern and offers to light the way for others. Santons come from all occupations and all classes of society, all ages of people, are represented.
We are going to create our own such Nativity scene. Over Advent and Christmas the church community will add new objects of welcome to the scene as part of our worship. Each week we will take a reflection activity for our homes.
In worship we will reflect on whom we welcome to manger; who we invite to share in this good news. As we leave this place into everyday lives we will bring a unique offering of thanks to God from our humble week. We are all shepherds of welcome, we are all santons with a gift to bring.
Inspired by Christine Sine
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Advent Giving Project 2014

For three Sundays in Advent (Nov 30, Dec 14 & 21) we will be collecting gifts and offerings to give to four asylum seeker families/individuals living in our own backyard. These families have not only fled persecution, but have left everything including family on dangerous journeys to seek safety in Australia. Living below the poverty line these families need our welcome, love, encouragement and generosity this Christmas. Details of what we can give are below.
On the afternoon of Sunday Dec 21 we will pack up these gifts and deliver them. We invite you to help with this wonderful part of the project too.
If you have any questions, please contact Megan Woods on 0438 228 314
Details here:[UNIQID]

Sunday Themes and Texts:

Services start at 10:30am at 17-19 Surrey Rd West, Croydon. Everyone welcome! Christmas Day Celebration is 10am – 11am.
Advent Week 1 – Nov 30 – Keep Awake. This week we will also farewell the Stewart family.
Reading: Mark 13:24-37
Advent Week 2 – Dec 7 – No morning service. Christmas Dinner Party at Upwey Baptist. Details under ‘connect’ on this Website.
Advent week 3 – Dec 14 – Hope here with us. This week we will also farewell the Franklin family.
Reading: John 1:6-28
Advent week 4 – Dec 21 – A song I sing
Reading: Luke 1:47-55.
Christmas Day – Dec 25 – Here is Peace. 10am – 11am.
Reading: Luke 2:1-20
Christmas 1 – Dec 28 – Lights
Reading: Luke 2:22-40
Jan 4 –  No service