morning and evening prayers for all ages

Evening Prayer of Examen
Adapted for all ages by Toli Morgan
Find a comfortable place and remind yourself that God is there with you.
Now look back over your day.  Were you at home?  Were you at school?  Were you somewhere else?
What made you happy today?  Did somebody say or do something that made you feel good -someone in your family, a friend, a teacher or someone else?  Did you say or do anything that made you feel good?  Was there something that you really enjoyed?  Whatever made you feel happy today, thank God for those things now.
Did anything today make you sad or feel bad in some way?  Maybe something that happened, or that someone said or did?  Did you do something that made you feel unhappy?  Maybe there is something that you want to say sorry for?  Bring it all to God.  Whatever made you feel sad or unhappy today, remember that you are precious to God and that nothing ever changes that.
Then think about your day tomorrow.  Is there anything you would like to ask God to help you with?  Or anything you are worried about?  Or anything that you need?  Talk to God about it now and ask God to be with you through your day.
Evening Prayer
As night falls
as we lay our bodies down,
as muscles relax…
take, Lord, the burdens of the day,
hold, Lord, our loved ones in safety,
remove, Lord, all clinging fears,
give, Lord, the sweetest dreams,
grant, Lord, a restful sleep
in Jesus’ name.
Morning Prayer
As the dawn rises,
as we lift our bodies up,
as we prepare for this day,
take, Lord, our hands and lead,
hold, Lord, us back from temptation,
remove, Lord, all selfishness from us,
give, Lord, strength for our tasks,
grant, Lord, that we may serve
in Jesus’ name.
Carol Penner