Lent Week 2 – All-age meditation & action

Lent Week 2 – Listening and not listening
This second week of Lent is one where we face up to the temptations that surround us without and within. The texts for this week include Jesus’ own time of temptation when he was alone in the desert.
Our ‘temptation’ passage to spend time with is Psalm 32:6-11.
Kids may like to watch the story of Jesus being tempted and remember how Jesus helps us to be strong when we are tempted to do or feel the wrong thing and that we can tell that idea to ‘go away’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afzoWMTkKHY
Psalm 32:6-11 (The Voice)
So let all who are devoted to You
speak honestly to You now, while You are still listening.
For then when the floods come, surely the rushing water
will not even reach them.
You are my hiding place.
You will keep me out of trouble
and envelop me with songs that remind me I am free.
I will teach you and tell you the way to go and how to get there;
I will give you good counsel, and I will watch over you.
But don’t be stubborn and stupid like horses and mules
who, if not reined by leather and metal,
will run wild, ignoring their masters.
10 Tormented and empty are wicked and destructive people,
but the one who trusts in the Eternal is wrapped tightly in His gracious love.
11 Express your joy; be happy in Him, you who are good and true.
Go ahead, shout and rejoice aloud, you whose hearts are honest and straightforward.
Reflection: Read through this passage a few times. Spend some time with your heart open to this invitation to being guided by one who is love, being free as an unbridled horse.
Speak honestly to God about this.
Invite the Holy Spirit to show you anywhere you may be receiving bad council that is tempting you away from true joy.
All-age Action:
‘..envelop me with songs that remind me I am free.
So often we hear voices and absorb messages that make us question that we are good, that we are worth anything or can be happy as we are.
Spend time this week, soaking in sounds that uplift you, that remind you of God’s freedom and love for you. This may be a walk in the bush, time listening to music, the hum of a café or time without sounds/messages that are a negative voice in your life.