Communion Meal – The Jack Pine Tree

Today we have communion meal. This is a time where we remember Jesus’ life.
There is a song that I love called ‘The Jack Pine.’ It reminds me of how Jesus’ death has bought life to others.
The jack pine tree has its seeds hidden in thick pine cones. The only way these seeds can be released and grow is when the tree is burnt by fire. The heat of a fire opens the cones and releases the seeds to the ground where the fire has made a clear bed ready for new seedlings to grow. Unless the fire burns and the tree dies, the ground is cleared and the seeds released – there is no new life.
Jesus died to prepare a way for us, releasing his spirit and showing us the way to love.
Jesus asked us to remember him simply by eating a meal together. So let us remember Jesus now. Please come forward and take some bread and drink and hold onto it and wait until we eat and drink together.
Play clip ‘The Jack Pine’ by Hem
This bread reminds us of your wonderful life Jesus and your death. Thankyou Jesus for your body. Thankyou for showing us how to live. We eat and remember. We take your life into us, take us into your life. Let us eat.
This drink reminds us of your blood. We remember that our sins are washed by you. We drink and we remember. Through your death our death was taken. Let us drink.