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Sundays in October

  We would love for you to come and enjoy these Sunday services with us. 17-19 Surrey Rd West, Croydon.   World Communion Sunday Dinner Service October 5 We celebrate and pray blessings on our family of faith around the world in… Continue Reading →

Materials: Brown paper spread over two trestle tables, communion meal in centre, markers and pastels. Image of Aboriginal hand painting.   Introduction:  When Jesus was preparing to die and prove his true power and authority, he looked at his friends… Continue Reading →

Michael Kiwanuka – I'm Getting Ready

An oldie AND a goodie

Walk the Wall 2014

Walk the Wall is back for 2014! In support of the amazing work of ICC including Geoff and Di from eh, Eastern Hills has registered a team to walk around Lilydale Lake. We would love everyone of all ages to… Continue Reading →

Learn Jesus

  Remember this challenge from the ‘Rest’ series. I will spend one quality time a week in a gospel book   The habit we are embracing is to ‘Learn Jesus’ by spending time with him, looking at his life and… Continue Reading →

A song on Father's day – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Bäpa

Warwuyu ŋarranha mulkanaŋaraku bapawuŋurununa gunipunharayuya..a, bäpa marrkapmirriŋathina wilawilayurrunaŋuruŋuna djarrawalyurrunaliya-wayma Bekulŋuraya..a bäpa marrkapmirrim..m m..m m..mŋäthina Djotarra mandagarray Dhuwandjika Dayluluŋuruŋuna djarrapalwuyuliya-wayma wäŋaŋura Gunyaŋarrim..m m..m m..m——————————[english translation]Grief have taken hold of mefor my fatherwhen the sun setso..h, beloved fatherCrying and cryingwhen the sun… Continue Reading →

For the car trip on the way to school. Burn Bright kids.

It is Well – Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music

Don’t forget to hashtag #ehillschurch for any eastern hills community church photos you post on Instagram. We look forward to seeing them! This photo was taken on Sunday. Love how a kid placed this rock on their toy pram. We… Continue Reading →

Psalm 23 Aboriginal Style

PSALM 23 (ABORIGINAL STYLE) By Rev. Ron Williams My big fella boss up in the sky is like the father emu. He will always look after me and take me to green grass, And lead me to where the water holes are full and fresh all the time. He leads me away from the thick scrub and helps me keep safe from the hunters, dingoes and eagles. At night time when I’m very lonely and sad, I will not be afraid, for my Father covers me with His feathers like a father emu. His spear and shield will always protect me. My big fella boss always gives me a good feed in the middle of my enemies. In hot times he makes me sit down in a cool shade and rest. He gives me plenty of love and care all of my life through. Then I will live with my big fella boss like a father emu, that cares for his chickens in good country full of peace and safety, Forevermore and evermore. We enjoyed a creative meditation on this psalm at one of our prayer services at Worawa Aboriginal… Continue Reading →

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