A Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Father God
You are the God of the great reversal
Mourning to dancing
Death to life
Dull to gleaming light
Sin to shocking grace
Jesus, beautiful redeemer
You are the bringer of the great reversal
with incomprehensible joy you pour out freedom and forgiveness
you turn our heads towards the light and whisper,
‘this way, don’t look back’.
We stop before you now and say, we are sorry. We are sorry. Would you pour out your redemption in and on all those moments when we have not loved, when we have not shown dignity to ourselves and others, when we have doubted, when we have accused and when we have not sought you.
And we stop before you now and say thank you. Thank you for flooding our words and actions and lives with your redeeming grace.  Thank you for spinning them on their heads and reversing the damage, mourning to dancing, death to life, dull to gleaming light, sin to shocking grace.  We worship you. Would you meet us here.
Cat Johnstone

One response to “A Prayer of Adoration and Confession”

  1. Love this prayer thanks Cat and Eastern Hills, am using it this Sunday at AuburnLife. Cheering you on and happy birthday Eastern Hills. Love from the Cronshaws.