Worship in Nature

Loving, generous God who brings all life into being through tiny seeds of hope we gather today in the mystery of your creation.
In your presence we think of all that sustains us: our friends, families and homes; clean water, fresh air, good food; even the microbes, bacteria, and enzymes and that which has yet to be named; the intricate systems which make our lives possible.
We thank you for the promise of hope and renewal that comes to us in Jesus Christ and we join together with the rest of creation in praising you our God: our God whose love and faithfulness stretches out to all generations, to all people, to every creature and all creation.  Amen. By Ruth Slater
Allow creation to minister to you today. Worship with the bush as it brings glory to our indwelling creator God.
Spend some time in quietness, listening. Hold something in your hand, sit & observe or walk gently.
May our hearts be open to receive the nearness of God and the working of our Creator’s power.
Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.
Psalm 62:5
After a while you may like to repeat a simple sentence of worship.
Write down anything that has been revealed to you in this time.
Lord I have come to know…