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  • Greening of the Cross Liturgy

    Set up: Movie clip, slideshow, cross structure or drawn on ground with chalk or rocks, greenery or flowers near by. Play clip of Easter Resurrection appearances.’ Until 4min 43 sec.  Greening of the Cross Jesus, the first of the sleepers has risen. Power is His to wake us all from darkness. To bring life into every […]

  • Easter Celebrations

    Easter Celebrations Easter Friday – Tenebrae Service of Shadows 9am at 151 Hereford Road, Lilydale. This year in our season of moving we are holding a simpler Tenebrae service at the home and gardens of Trevor and Leanne. This will be a special time of story, a hymn and the communion meal. Please bring hot-cross buns to toast […]

  • A Little Note

    Filling in the blanks of a note like this is a fun way to bring a little love into the household or crew. We are stashing these away as gifts for Easter Sunday. You may like to do something similar!   Hello ___________________ One of my favourite things about you is … Something I enjoy doing […]

  • Sundays February – April

    Eastern Hills welcomes everyone. We enjoy simple services following the liturgical calendar. Please feel free to join us at 10:15am for a Fairtrade cuppa before the service begins at 10:30am. 17-19 Surrey Road West, Croydon. There are no evening dinner services this season due to a church camp and Easter services. There is no service on […]

  • A Prayer of Boulders and Pebbles

    I invite you to take a few deep breaths. Oh Lord, you remove the stones that burden. You see our rock hard fears, our needs, you see the closed doors, places of total darkness all around the world, disagreements, wars, the pains and prejudices we all face. Huge stones. The three women who visited that […]

  • Surrender:11 & Easter Events

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