Lent with Ehills

Lent – Spring for our Faith

The word ‘lent’ means ‘spring time.’
Lent is the 46 days leading upto Easter mirroring the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert.
Sundays are not counted as part of the 40 days.
For early Christians, Easter was the time when new believers were baptised into the church and lent was a time of preparation for this. New Christians learnt the essentials of Christian faith and committed Christians spent time in prayer and meditation.
We celebrate this season as a Springtime for our faith. A time to grow in our love for Christ and examine our lives in the light of Jesus’ teaching. 40 days of dedicated tending to our faith. 
Here are some ways our community is sharing in this time of growth. We would love to share in this season with you.
Daily Readings
This year we invite our community to share in daily readings from the book ‘You Are Mine’ by Bishop David Walker.

 `This is a wonderful companion for Lent by Bishop David Walker. It is short but deep, and engages the reader in both prayer and reflection. A perfect way to explore what it means for all of us to belong to Christ in a challenging world.’ Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

At this time of Lent, David Walker explores different aspects of human belonging through the medium of scripture and story in order to help us recognise the different ways in which we are God’s beloved. And as we recognise ourselves and our own lives in the narrative of God’s engagement with humanity and his creation, he gently challenges us to engage for God’s sake with God’s world.

Available on kindle or paperback 
Available at Koorong.
Ash Sunday
Cleaning our hearts & our garden togetherJoin us for a simple service of reflection and gardening at Yarrunga Bring hats & glovesFeb 239:30am at Yarrunga Community Centre.
Shrove Tuesday Party – Picnic, pancakes & games!
The last hurrah before Lent begins.
Traditionally Shrove or ‘pancake’ Tuesday is a day of celebration and eating up all the rich food in your house before eating more simply and giving more generously to the poor during Lent. On this day, people were called to church to confess their sins and be ‘shriven’ (forgiven) before Lent began.
Bring a potluck dinner to share & a picnic blanket/chairs
Arrive from 5:30pm , 6pm dinner
Tuesday Feb 25
Trev & Leanne’s home, Lilydale
RSVP to Em on 0481 083 526 by Sunday 23/2
If you can bring pancakes let Em know.
Lent Dinner and Devotions
A family time for the Lent season.
Thursdays Feb 27 – April 4
The Morgan’s home
For what to bring and to RSVP weekly go here
Easter Services

Passover service
The last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples was the Passover. The Passover meal is a special feast shared every year by the Jewish people. We share in a simple version of this meal in anticipation of Easter.
March 29
Yarrunga Community Arts centre
Palm/Passion Sunday 
The Sunday before Easter is known as Palm Sunday. This celebrates the occasion when Jesus entered Jerusalem and great crowds of people waved palm branches to welcome him.
April 5
Yarrunga Community Arts centre
Good Friday –  Communion
A gallery of Psalm 22 and communion.
Please bring hot-cross buns to toast and share afterwards.
April 10
Yarrunga Community Arts centre
Easter Sunday Celebration
A colourful celebration featuring the ‘Greening of the Cross’
Followed by an easter egg hunt.
April 12
Yarrunga Community Arts centre