Inspiring Saints series 2018

A warm welcome to all folk coming along this season. Over the month of July we enjoy our annual ‘Inspiring Saints’ series.
It is chance for us to hear some stories of God’s grace in people’s lives; men and women, young and old, from the present or the past. This year we hear the stories of lawyer Horatio Gates Spafford, the business magnate Andrew Carnegie, the political activist William Cooper, the viking Saint Magnus of Orkney and the gospel singer Doris Akers.
Our Sunday services begin at 9:30am at Wyreena Community Arts centre on Hull Rd, Croydon. Followed by a fair-trade cuppa.
Our gatherings are simple, refreshing and accessible for everyone. We offer an optional ‘kids church’ program for kids twelve months to primary age in the teaching time of the service throughout school terms.
Eastern Hills Community Church is a community where all people are welcomed. We work to be a community that can come together in safety and acceptance to express our love for Jesus, learn from the bible, pray together, share in our faith and live for justice and peace in our world.