Movie Fundraiser for East Africa Famine Appeal

Hi friends, across east and central Africa, tens of millions of people are facing severe food shortages, a lack of water, disease and current or impending famine. The United Nations says it’s the worst humanitarian emergency since World War 2 and they have received just 21 percent of the money needed to fight it.
About 20 million lives are at risk and 1.4 million kids at “imminent risk of death” from starvation. It is the equivalent of every person in Australia being at risk of food shortage and going hungry and local Aid agencies are low in donations. That’s just not on hey?! We can turn things around. Let’s get together & raise those funds!
Get your tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
& 100% of profits go to the Red Cross East Africa Famine Appeal.
8:45pm session* Saturday May 20.
Croydon Cinemas.
Tickets must be purchased by Friday May 5.
We are very pleased to be offering the ability to buy your tickets online. We have partnered with the secure online ticketing services of ticketebo for the provision of our tickets. Buy online today by clicking here.
THANKYOU! Looking forward to catching you there!
For any enquiries contact Tol or Em Morgan on 0438 087 206.
* Session time will be confirmed on Monday May 15 at