ehills Advent gift project 2016

Advent is here! The season where we prepare our hearts to welcome and celebrate Jesus. What better way to welcome Him into our lives than to also gather our gifts and welcome some of our nation’s most vulnerable people- asylum seekers.

Over the next three Sundays in Advent (Nov 27 – Dec 11) we will be collecting gifts and offerings to give to five asylum seeker families/individuals living in our own backyard. These families have not only fled persecution, but have left everything including family on dangerous journeys to seek safety in Australia. Living below the poverty line these families need our welcome, love, encouragement and generosity this Christmas.

Details of what we can give are below.

On the mornings of Saturday Dec 17th and Sunday Dec 18th we will pack up these gifts and deliver them. 
This is a special project and experience for all ages. Kids might like to make cards and youth biscuits or cakes to add to the hampers. Packing up and delivery is a great time for all ages too.

We invite you to help with this wonderful part of the project.

If you would like to visit the families or help pack the hampers please contact Megan Woods on 0438 228 314
Details here:[UNIQID]