Sundays in September

Eastern Hills welcomes everyone. Please feel free to join us at 10:15am for a Fairtrade cuppa before the service begins at 10:30am. CCC 17-19 Surrey Road West, Croydon.
On the first Sunday of the month our service is over a potluck dinner from 4:45-6:30pm.
Our theme for September is ‘Words of Colour.’  As spring begins we dig up some old Hebrew words from our scriptures that are sure to bring colour to our lives.
We have optional programs for kids from 12 months to primary school running during the teaching time of our services. Over the school holidays the creche 1yr-kinder program is still running but kids church takes a break. We will be playing veggie tales movies for the kids in place of kids church.

Sunday September 11
Tol Morgan will be sharing with us about the word ‘Israel.’ This Hebrew word contains a whole spectrum of colour. It can refer to the land, God’s people and a person.  We ask the question, what does it mean for Gods people to be called ‘Israel’?
Worship Element: Acoustic worship.

Sunday September 18
Geoff Matheson will be sharing with us about the word ‘Hi nei ni’ – ‘here I am’. This is how Moses responded to God in the story of the burning bush.  He was on the precipice of a significant transition in his life.  We ask the question, what does it mean to be present in significant moments of change?
Worship Element: Communion meal.
On this day we also commission Robynne Jeisman for her work in SanFrancisco.

Sunday September 25
Tol Morgan will be sharing with us about the word ‘qodesh’ – ‘holiness.’ In the Old Testament, this word describes God and people, places and cooking pots! We ask ourselves what on earth does God have in common with a pot? What is this holiness? What does holiness mean in our world today?
Worship Element: Creative meditation.

Sunday October 2
Spring Celebration Dinner Service.
We celebrate the new season and all that spring means to us.
Please bring a savoury dish to share.
Have you got a Spring inspired item/story/artwork to share? Contact Em Morgan on 0438 087 206.