Passover Style Feast – Sunday March 6th

The last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples was the Passover.

Adults $12.
Kids under 12 $6.
Sponsored places available.
Please RSVP by Sunday Feb 14 to
Em Morgan 

4:45pm – 6:30pm Sunday March 6th
CCC in the big hall
17-19 Surrey Rd West, Croydon.

A special time of worship, togetherness
and reflection for all ages.

Introducing our Guest Chef!
We are excited to have a special guest chef cook for our Passover Feast this year!
This man has been passionate about food since he was a young boy, cooking in his fathers restaurant in Sri Lanka. As a Tamil, he grew up amongst persecution and war, and has seen much loss and personal suffering. However through it all, his love for feeding others and running his restaurant kept him going for decades.
During the war, he used to risk his life to go to the orphanage in his village and feed all the children out of his own pocket. He also fed many hungry people on the streets, and welcomed everyone who came into his famous restaurant- which lead to his life being threatened, forcing him to flee to Australia to seek Asylum.
When he arrived in Australia, the grief of losing his livelihood, family and culture was more than he could bare. However, three years later, he has realised that no one can take away his passion for cooking and making people happy with each mouthful! It is his delight and dream to cook for us, and we can’t wait to share in a feast cooked by a man who has experienced so much pain and tears, now turned into hope and love.