Membership Liturgy

Here is our new liturgy that we have borrowed and adapted to use at Eastern Hills. We enjoyed our first ‘Welcome to membership’ lunch on Sunday.

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Before this liturgy is shared each new member shares briefly their story on why they are becoming a member.

Membership Liturgy

We now welcome you who wish to join with this body of Christ, the people of eastern hills community church.

Leader: I introduce to you all the people becoming members today. (Names of the persons becoming members)

Leader to new members: Is it your wish to make this community of faith, eastern hills community church, your church family, and the people with whom you will share your journey of faith? Where you are called to open your life and deepen relationships where you are known, loved and held accountable.  Are these the people with whom you will gather with to seek to make sense of the issues of your life; your dreams, your faith, who you are, what you are to do, who God calls you to be?

Is it your wish to make this community the place where you continue your journey into greater health and wholeness; where you listen to the story of God’s salvation and the Good News of Jesus Christ, allowing Jesus to be an example and teacher to you, where you are called to a life of mission and justice; and where you are fed at the table of new life?

New members: Yes, that is my wish

Leader: Will you commit yourselves to seek and serve Christ in union with this community of faith, believing that the Spirit sends us to bring love, truth, hope, healing, beauty and justice to the world around us.

New Members: We will, with God’s help.

Leader: Will you share your gifts and resources with this family for the building up of the church community?

New Members: I will, with God’s help.

Leader to the congregation: Will you who are members of this faith community who are witnessing these promises, share the joys and sorrows, and do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ:

Congregation: We will.

Leader to the congregation: Will you welcome (name/s) into this family of eastern hills community church, embrace their gifts, their needs, and their dreams? Will you recognize that their presence and participation will change the shape of the body and help it grow in new ways? Will you support them in their journeys, and assist them in their missions?

Congregation: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Everyone: Loving God, send your Holy Spirit to be among us, knitting us one to another. Help us to grow with each other, to love each other, to support each other. That by our common life in this community we may come to know and serve you and all our brothers and sisters, here and at our doorstep, in Jesus name, we pray.

Leader: As pastor of this church, and speaking for the entire congregation, I welcome each of you as active members in the body of Eastern Hills Community Church. May the Holy Spirit be with us all now and always. Amen.

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