Hospitality Happiness

That Bean Dish

We always have requests for this simple recipe that has been multiplied to feed a crowd throughout our church life many times! Cheap, vego, quick and they all love it!

Serves 4-6
1 onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 pkt taco seasoning mix
1 tin of red kidney beans, rinsed
1 tin of mexican refried beans (Find near tacos in supermarket)
1 large tin of diced tomatoes
season to taste
Fry onion in oil until soft, stir in garlic for a minute. Add remaining ingredients  stir together and bring to boil. Turn down to a  simmer, covered on low heat , stirring occasionally until you’ve got the table set! ( or 5 min or until thickened.)
Serve with rice, cornchips and sour cream. Nice additions are grated cheese, gaucamole, salad or corn cobs and salted peanuts.

Fun Dinner Party Game – Your Ideal Day

Hand out these sheets to your guests, fill them in all using the same colour pen then redistribute them randomly. Take it in turns to read them out and guess who’s ideal day it might be! Encourage your guests to not think too much about it, it doesn’t have to make sense in time or space. Just have fun!

Hello! It’s your ideal day!
Somehow you have been transported during the night to your fave spot and
so you wake up to the sound of _____________________________
Over a slow breakfast of ________________________________
You cast your eyes over the paper and read the amazing news that
As you pull on some awesome new threads someone calls out sweetly “it’s time
for _________________________________________ that you signed up for!”
While this is going on (enter famous person/hero/from any era)
_____________________ sidles up to you and says
they would love to take you out for a coffee and pick your brains about the
possibility of________________________________________
Time simply flies, and before you know it you are ordering a lunch of
Only distracted by the ___________________________around you.
After a fond farewell and exchanging deets  you waste away the afternoon
As the sun sets and you are picked up for dinner with your favourite peeps
at _____________________________________ and afterwards you head out for an evening of
Then, sweetly hammered, you (enter mode of transport) _____________
back to your ultimate accom at a ____________________where a
gift of   _______________________________ has arrived while you were out.
Totally re-energised by this day of indulgence you are hit by a goldmine of inspiration and jot down your life changing idea for
before you retire for the night. Ok, you’re done.
By Emma Morgan