Advent 2013

New service Format

Beginning  Nov 24 we will begin our summer services with Chapel Space at 10:30am.
This first fifteen minutes of each service will be space given to centre on God and prepare for worship. Chapel space will be simple and reflective.
There will be a visual instillation to interact with, a passage to read, and space to sit and reflect. Please use this time to quietly relax and be present with God.
The kids will have their own space and instillation on the same theme.
Please join us between 10 – 10:25am for a cuppa under the eaves before the Chapel Space opens.

Themes and Key Readings

Nov 17 – Rwandan Stories
We look forward to hearing amazing stories of healing and reconciliation from Rwanda.
Nov 24 – Reign of Christ Sunday
Reading Luke 23:33-43
Chapel Space/Worship focus: Jesus the Shepherd King.

Photo by Lettuce on Flickr

Dec 1 – Evening Xmas Party
See Events page for details.
Dec 8 – Preparing for Jesus
Reading Matt 3:1-12
Chapel Space/Worship Focus:  Roots planted in God
Dec 15 – Waiting and Hope
Reading Luke 1:39-56
Chapel Space/ Communion Focus: The God of Hope.
Dec 22 – Letting God be God
Reading Matt 1:18-25
Chapel Space/ Worship Focus: Let your Face Shine, that we may be saved.
Christmas Day Celebration – What Joy! 10 – 11am.
Reading Luke 3:1-20
A wonderful celebration for all ages.
Dec 29 – God’s Grace in it All
Reading Matt 2:13-23
Chapel Space/ Communion Focus: Let everything Praise.
Jan 12 – Down to the River
Reading Matt 3:13-17
Chapel Space/ Worship Focus  – God who makes us Alive with His own Life
Jan 19 – Come and See
John 1:29-42
Chapel Space/ Worship Focus – Coming to God’s Party
Jan 26 – Picnic Service – Follow Me
Reading Matthew 4:12-23
Contact us for details.
Feb 2 – The Beatitudes
Reading Matthew 5:1-12
Chapel Space/ Worship Focus – What Shall I Bring Before the Lord?