Gravity Tour – Schools Resource

This Sunday we prayed for Joel as he embarks on a 2 week tour of Victorian schools with Gravity Tour. Check out this amazing resource at their website


Our Vision

For silence and suffering to be replaced by community and help.

Our Mission

Through music, multimedia & conversation we will:
• Open a dialogue about issues of youth mental health.
• Empower young people with the knowledge that recovery and help are possible.
• Connect young people to community, support and services.
Our Aim

We communicate to young people the message they are not alone, their story matters and that hope is real and help exists. During the presentations, young people are encouraged to understand their personal value, and to acknowledge the significance of their life story.
The very clear intention is to reinforce a positive response to the issues of teenage mental health. Our message is clear and simple – that everyone has a story, that every story is important and every story deserves an audience.
We aim to do this through in-school presentations, films, events and online communication.