Sundays July – August

New Series – The first book of the New Testament

Over five weeks we will be exploring the book of 1 Thessalonians.

1 Thess is probably the earliest writing we have from the Christian era. It contains the earliest recorded thoughts for the church.  Paul and his friends wrote it between AD 50 and AD 53 about 20 years after Jesus died and rose again to life. Paul was on his second main journey in which he spread the good news about Jesus. Paul of Tarsus was the dividing line between the Jewish followers centered in Jerusalem and the Gentile church of later centuries.
This short letter is the beginning.

Dinner Service August 4

On the first Sunday of each month the ehills Sunday service happens over dinner. This new rhythm offers us a morning to unplug and the evening to connect, give thanks and share in a meal. We want to set aside time on this day to get out and enjoy the refreshment God gives us when we get into nature.We then come together in the evening for a little celebration.
Each dinner will be a relaxing, celebratory experience for all ages.
4:30 – 6:30pm
Please RSVP by the previous Sunday to Emma at

ART Sunday August 11

Art Sundays are a celebration of art of faith. We look forward to welcoming back Poet Joel McKerrow.