Gift Groups & Workshops

Each month we have practical workshops relating to each of the following gifting areas in our church community life. Feel free to come and check out any that you might resonate with.
Contact Toli Morgan on 0438 087 206 for more details.
This Apostolic ministry is a founding one, it can create something out of nothing. It initiates new missional works and oversees their development. Enterprising, visionary, innovative, pioneering, strategic, crossing boundaries, social justice.

The Camp Sonshine team who ran our July 2012 Holiday Program for the Indigenous community of Elcho Island.

The prophetic ministry is one of speaking God’s revelation to his people. Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost write that those with this gift have the ability to discern the spiritual realities in a given situation or community. Their passion is to see and to help others to see. We gather in this group also those who are gifted in prayer for others, discernment, and encouragement.  Seeking, listening, encouraging, comforting, strengthening, discerning, communicating.

Spending time out, being still, reflecting and listening together.

The Evangelistic ministry has one aim and passion: that people find Jesus.  This team have a strong desire to share their faith with others and enjoy talking to others about Jesus.  Outward focus, sharing, growing others, discipling, bringing people to Jesus.

Sharing the good news.

The pastoral ministry shepherds the church community by nurturing, protecting, caring for and guiding them. The pastoral team cultivates loving and spiritually mature networks. We also like to gather people in this group who are interested in the gift of healing and the gift of mercy. Caring, listening, connecting, protecting, building, discipling.
Meeting you where you're at. Learning how to care.

The teaching ministry is about teaching truth based on Gods word.  The team’s passion is to understand and help others to understand.  They have a curiosity to know more and to explain this knowledge in different ways, to different ages, through different mediums like media, arts, writing or speaking. Taking time to allow people to understand for themselves. Learning, revealing, communicating Christ’s way, details, discovery, interaction.

Learning, exploring & sharing truth in so many ways.