Psalm 77 (a new translation)

Psalm 77 (a new translation)
In the depths of night I have knelt and waited.
I have waited for you my God.
I have held out my shaking hands, pleading for answers, hanging my head in weariness and despair
Again and again I have shouted out to you, my God
It has been you I have turned to, it is you I have declared as my Lord, it is you that I choose to trust – so hear my heart beating in time to the rhythm of fear.
Hear me, and whisper words of calm and quiet.
I remember the days when I held my head high, certain of You, sure of Your mighty hand in mine.
But this night, you have kept me awake with your silence
I have asked, and I have pleaded, I have begged and I have shouted.
Can you hear me at all? Have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten your promises?
And then, a glimmer, a spark of golden light struggling to break through the darkest of night
And I remember.
I remember that you are the God of plans and maps, big ideas and immeasurable wonder
I remember that you breathe out and the earth spins
I remember that you are the commander of an unseen army
I remember that you alone are the grand high priest
I remember that your justice rises like the sun
I remember that mountains and rivers bow to your voice
I remember that the rain and wind, the thunder and lightning are commanded by you.
I remember that you wear holiness like a warm jacket
I remember that you have never stopped being God, my God
I remember that in the darkest night, light always comes; the sun always breaks through and the world and I will flood with light.
by Cat Johnstone