Prayer of Gathering, Prayer for Syria

Opening Prayer – Gather Fire

Led lights in a fire drum at the front, thick sticks and chalk on tables around the room. Relaxing music playing.

Welcome Father Creator, Brother Jesus, Holy Spirit. Welcome brothers, welcome sisters, welcome family.

We’re gathered here because we all love Jesus

We’re in this place to glorify His name

Our hearts reach out to touch the living God

Because we love the Lord,

We’re gathered here today.

We gather together around our God this morning like family throughout time gathers around the fire – the source of warmth, food, light. We remember all our brothers and sisters around this country and around the world who gather to the source of life as well this morning.

We will each bring a stick to the fire today as an act of prayer and gathering and as a prayer for our family around the world.

I invite you to hold a stick and consider these things for a moment. You might like to write a prayer word or picture or simply colour the stick with the chalk. And then, when you are ready, you can bring your stick to the fire which represents community in God.

A Prayer for Syria

20 July 2012
Jesus wept.
Precious God, what makes you weep?
What are the things in this world that break your heart?
Glorious God we pray for the nation of Syria.
We ask for your mercy.
We pray for children who have lost parents and parents, children.
The voiceless, who sleep to the rhythm of their tears.
For all those who are chained by fear, O God please bring peace.
Lord, we pray that you may raise up peacemakers and those with generous loving hearts.
We ask that you may give discernment and courage to politicians both national and international and others with influence, that a road of peace may be found.
May justice flow and bring healing to this land.
For the honour of your name,
Written by Dr Fred Drummond, National Director of the Evangelical Alliance (EA) in Scotland, and UK Director of Prayer.