A Prayer of Adoration & Confession

Thanks Cat Johnstone for this prayer.

Oh Lord,
Some days we ask you to reveal yourself with great climatic events
Storms and raging seas
Floods and fires
Some days we ask for extravagant demonstrations of your love and omnipotence
And we know that you revel in your peoples cries of proclamation
We know you delight in our faith
We know you weave in and out of our worship
But some days, like today, this hour, this moment
We stand quietly
With simple words and stillness
We need to be taught again of the simple things, the simple, stunning, breath taking, pure things.
We need to be taught of the abundance of you and the abundance of life.
We need to glimpse your overflowing, never ending, wide reaching, and life giving forgiveness.
So we stand, Oh Lord, and we adore you the best we can, with simple words and stillness.
And our simple and daring whispered words are this:
Would you forgive us,
Would you heal us,
Would you love us,
And would you help us to hold out our hands and simply say, thank you.