Prayer of Justice and Intercession

Thankyou Warwick for this prayer from our service last week
God of their dreaming,
You gave this land
to Aboriginal nations.
You have not dispossessed them,
nor destroyed them.
Our people have come and
destroyed much of their way of life.
We have not really understood.
Forgive us…
We ask you humbly for
Your mercy and for your
justice for Aboriginal people
We pray that more resources
will be given to help Aboriginal
communities grow healthy & strong.
Send us…
Give us a heart of flesh where we’ve
have had a heart of stone, so that
we can truly understand & support.
Holy Spirit, help & encourage
our First people to grow
good, strong leaders.
Help them find the place You intend
for them in this land, & be able to
contribute to rebuilding this nation… under You…
in the name of Jesus, our King!

Prayer adapted from
‘the Redfern Prayer’, Pastor Ray Minniecon