Journey to Rest Meditation

Play  itunes track – Nature sounds ‘into the Australian bush’
Paper and pencils on tables. Rocks placed like a river bed at the front.

Picture yourself walking along, not a lonely road, on a track that we are all journeying on together. Today is the day where we sit down and rest by a river. Today is the day where we come to the living water.
Picture yourself finding a spot and sitting down. Feel the relief in your body, feel everything fall into a heap, feel the unburdening of taking the pack off your back. Feel the achey spots. Feel the breath filling your belly as you finally catch your beath.
Kids in this time, can you make or draw what we might see as we rest by the river and place it on the rock river bed down here.
Meanwhile the rest of us can meditate on the words from this hymn.
Slide 1
My heart is resting, O my God—
I will give thanks and sing;
My heart is at the secret source
Of every precious thing.
Slide 2
Now the frail vessel You have made
No hand but Yours shall fill—
For the waters of the Earth have failed,
And I am thirsty still.
Slide 3
I thirst for springs of heavenly life,
And here all day they rise—
I seek the treasure of Your love,
And close at hand it lies.
By Emma Morgan