A Breathing Meditation on being filled with the Holy Spirit for Children

photo by Jasmic
‘Holy Spirit, at Home in Me’
A breathing exercise that we can do whenever we need to remember that the Holy spirit is in us, loving us, helping us to live God’s way.
Lie on your back in our own space.
Now close your eyes, take some slow, long, deep breaths in and slow, long, breaths out.
While you are doing your long, deep breaths relax your body.
Now place one hand on your stomach.
Breathe in slowly and deeply and feel your belly fill.
Breathe out slowly and gently, feeling your belly empty.
Now as your breathe in, picture the Holy spirit filling you. The loving, peaceful, caring, powerful Holy Spirit.
A colour, a smell, a feeling or a picture might come into your mind as you think about the Holy Spirit filling you.
Addition for older kids:
Now As you breathe in say in your head ‘Holy Spirit,’ and as you breathe out – say ‘At home in me.’  Breathing in ‘Holy Spirit’, Breathing out ‘At home in me’. (Repeat four times.)
Now you are relaxed, remembering God’s Spirit is at home in you.