A Summer Meditation

Play track 5 – Itunes ‘Into the Australian bush:magpies’ by Andrew Skeoch

Our senses are such a gift to us. The way we experience the world and our creator God.
Let us be aware of the gifts of this season as we come to God this morning.
I invite you to sit up straight, close your eyes, relax your shoulders and take some deep breaths through your nose.
Let us now relax and fall into the gift of summer sounds.
In your mind take off your shoes and feel summer under your feet. Where are you? What do you feel between your toes?
Take a deep breath in. Breathe in the fragrance of summer. What do you smell? What has the summer breeze and the rising heat caught for you?
Lick your lips. What do you taste? Savour for a moment the gift of summer foods, the season of fruits that run down your arm.
Take a deep breath. Meet Jesus where he has been waiting for you.  Say hi and spend a moment together.
You may like to write or draw a sensation, feeling, picture or moment of understanding that rose to the surface of your mind as we prayed this morning.
Fold these prayers into patty papers and float these prayer boats on the water trays at the front.