5 Cups Prayer based on Ephesians 4:17-32

Have 5 cups on each table – one with lit tea candle, one with half a vanilla pod, one with instant coffee grains, one with salty water, one with fruit eg. grapes.

Play itunes track ‘Lost Time’ (2009) by Tony Woollard

Cup of light – Lit tea candle in cup
Let us Come into God’s presence.
I invite you to watch the flame in the cup as we become aware of the gift of God’s Holy Spirit here with us, moving and breathing in us.
God we ask that you calm our confusions, our messy thoughts and feelings.
Cup of Fragrance – Vanilla pod in cup
I invite you to breathe in the smell of the vanilla seed.
In a world that desensitizes us we ask that your holy spirit open our minds.
Make us sensitive to your presence, always open to the life you want to give.
Cup of Bitter Taste – Coffee grounds in cup
I invite you to put some coffee on your tongue.
Lord God heighten our sense of shame – may impurities in our lives taste detestable.
May these impurities pain us so that we cannot live with them or consume them when they are offered to us.
Cup of Tears – Salty water in cup
I invite you to put some salty water – representing tears on your lips.
We are sorry for the sorrow we have bought to the Holy Spirit by the way we live.
We are sorry for grieving you, for breaking your heart.
You may like to dip your fingers into this water and flick the water away as we pray the following:
We get rid of the lies and pretending. The lies that we tell ourselves and each other.
We get rid of anger and rage towards others, of bitterness we hold onto.
We get rid of harsh words, rude words, cutting words.
Cup of Newness – Fresh fruit in cup
I invite you to take, touch, smell and eat some beautiful clean, fresh fruit.
Spirit renew our thoughts and attitudes so we may live in our new nature – created to be like You.
We take in gentleness,
We take in sensitivity,
We take in tenderness
We take in forgiveness for others as we today have been forgiven by God through Jesus.