Month January 2011

Prayers from Psalm 23

PSALM 23 LORD God, divine shepherd; in the days ahead, just as it has been all my life, I shall not want for anything. You will rest me in rich pasture and lead me beside calm waters. You will bring… Continue Reading →

February Sundays – 'Last Things First. Looking through the window of Revelation.'

The book of Revelation may be the most famous book in the bible – and the most misunderstood! Indeed, it has been said that few writings in all of literature have been so obsessively read with such generally disastrous results as the Book of Revelation! Why then, you may be thinking, choose this book of all books to begin the year and a new season in a new building? But stay with me, there’s reason to this madness. Revelation is one of the best discipleship books that we have in the bible.The book of Revelation powerfully presents the gospel of Jesus Christ and it shows us how to be genuine disciples in the midst of the challenging realities of our world.

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