2 eh lenten challenges

The Lenten Fast
Reflect on your general lifestyle and the many things that fill your time. Are there any fairly superficial (though no doubt fun!) activities that tend to take up great chunks of your spare time? Why not decide to cut right back or even go cold turkey over Lent for one or two of these extras. Then use the time you have found to spend with God.
You could read through a gospel, start to pray more regularly (learn some different ways to pray), get into the practice of sharing your spiritual yearnings and struggles with your friends/house mates/spouse. Maybe you could get back into journalling too. This simple change in your lifestyle is just the thing needed to help you open your life to God’s Spirit working in you.

The Hospitality Challenge
Just as Lent is about opening your life to God’s Spirit working in you and renewing you from within, it is also a valuable time to put more time into others. Sit down and think about how you can bless the people God has placed around you. Maybe you could invite those neighbours you’ve been getting to know over for a meal, maybe you know someone that is going through a lonely time and you know they would love a visit. Perhaps you have other gifts and resources at your fingertips that can be a real blessing to those around you in ways i can’t even imagine. Just do it! Get out there and give it a go. And once you get a taste for it, I’m sure it will quickly turn from a discipline into a passion.
Matt J