At Ehills Kids Church:

We create a safe, accepting environment for kids to be who they are, to have fun, to make friends, to learn about Jesus and explore what it means to love like Jesus.

Kids Church meets during the teaching time of the service on Sundays during school terms. Parents/Guardians must sign in/out their children from the program.

A time for kinder – primary aged kids to enjoy a fruit snack, explore a bible story, have fun, chat together and relax with a creative prayer activity.

If you’d like to find out more please contact Em Morgan: 0438 087 207 or

This season in Kids church we are enjoying the wonderful resources from Illustrated Childrens Ministry.

Material from previous seasons:

Connecting with God in different ways -

The Lost Sheep series - thelostsheepseries

The Bible week 12 ‘Bible Adventure’ – The birth of Jesus The Bible wk 12

The Bible week 11 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Esther The Bible wk 11

The Bible week 10 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Daniel The Bible wk 10

The Bible week 9 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Elijah The Bible wk 9

The Bible week 8 ‘Bible Adventure’ – David - The Bible wk 8

The Bible week 7 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Samuel - The Bible wk 7

The Bible week 6 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Ruth and Naomi - The Bible wk 6

The Bible week 5 ‘Bible Adventure’ -Moses part 2 -The Bible wk 5

The Bible week 4 ‘Bible Adventure’ -Moses part 1 - The Bible wk 4

The Bible week 3 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Joseph - The Bible wk 3 – Joseph – Abram’s great grandson

The Bible week 2 ‘Bible Adventure’ – Abram and Sarai - The Bible wk2

Intro to the Bible ‘Bible Adventure’ –  thebible

Pentecost for kids: Pentecost for kids

Ascension for kids: Ascension for Kids

Fruit of the Spirit series: fruitofthespirit2017

Four week series on stories Jesus told / Parables: storiesjesustoldkids

Seven week Art based series on things Jesus said: jesussaid

Seven week series on kids of faith in the bible: kidbibleheroes

Three weeks on the Trinity: kidschurchtrinity

Communion for Juniors: Communion for kids

Ash Sunday/Repentance for kids: Ash for Kids – Sorry and Forgiveness

New School year/God goes with us: New school year – God goes with us

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